How to Make Money Using Bizlona Loans Like Rich People

bizlonaBIZLONA is an online program designed to give loan to its members. Apart from loans what are other benefits of being a member of BIZLONA.

Weekly bonus are paid to members base on the number of people introduce into their team, Incentives such as shopping voucher, Cash Bonuses, gadgets, car, vacations, house etc.

BIZLONA a company originally from California, USA

Patrovich – President, CEO and Founder
Dr. Thomas – Financial Director
Kinnan – IT Consultanta
Adel – Legal Advisor

At BIZLONA we believe everyone deserve to have a buoyant business and live a happy life. Innovation and simplicity makes us happy, our goal is to remove any financial barriers that can prevent business owners from making a beautiful living. We’re excited to help you on your financial journey. Build your tomorrow today

Why chose Bizlona?

Lots of cash bonuses, Shopping voucher, Exotic vacation, Car incentives, House fund, Loan application, Fast and convenient, No collateral or guarantor needed, interest free loan, Flexible repayments and many more benefits

How To Become a Bizlona Member

  • Sign up $6.3
  • Referral bonus 16% x $6.3 = $1 x N400 x 5 x 30days = $150/month
  • Pairing bonus 16% x $6.3 = $1 x N400
    assuming you are earning $25 every day
  • 1 week $25 x 7days = $150 x N400 = N60, 000
  • 1 month $150 x 4 = $600 x N400 = N240, 000
  • Total earnings: Referral Bonus = N60, 000
  • Pairing bonus = N240, 000
  • Grand total/month/account= N300, 000.00

Bizlona Compensation Plan

bizlona network plan

Bizlona Incentives

bizlona incentives


Bizlona Rank Achievements & Rewards

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