How to Create Wealth With Jigsimur Health Drink

jigsimur wealthLike other popular product who got their big break in the multi-level marketing space, Jigsimur has decided to go the same route giving marketers like you and i the opportunity to leverage on its success to make a living for ourselves

Let’s look at the following

  1. How do you come in as distributor?
  2. What will be your Profit?
  3. What do you stand to benefit in the business?
  4. Proof the business works

Below is the Compensation plan.


All you need to be a part of the JIGSIMUR family is #53,500. Which comes with 4 big bottles of Jigsimur and a small sample bottle with few fliers

Your starter pack earns you 100points. This qualifies you to earn several rewarding bonuses.

1. Referral Bonus

You earn $10 (#4,000) for referring someone to the business: Note: Referral bonus is earned on the account that have bought up to 4 bottles of jigsimur or a full registration of 53,500
This is a binary system that allows you to refer two people directly under you

You earn total of $20 for referring two persons directly under you.

2. Matching Bonus

When you have 100 points left and 100 points right, you get a matching bonus of $10. You can match up to maximum of 15 times a day.


Daily Matching=15 times 10$x15=$150=N4000x15= #60,000

Weekly Maximum of $1050= N420,000
All PV accumulate for your monthly and Life changing Performance awards.
All your earnings for the week is credited into your bank account every Monday automatically

3. Monthly Award

When you have 16,000 points left and 10,000 points right for the current month, you get a monthly award bonus of $1250 ( #500,000 )
Note that SAME PV that pays you is not wiped but transferred to the next stages of the program TO keep paying you

4 International Trip

When you have 20,000 points and 25,000 points on your left and right leg for your overall PV of 45,000 points( without a time frame ), You get a free all expense paid trip OR Cash EQUIVALENCE of 500,000

5. Car Award

When you have 100,000 points and 80,000 points on your left and right leg for your overall PV of 180,000 points( without a time frame ), You get a BRAND NEW CAR or CASH EQUIVALENCE of 5m

6. Life Changing Overall Performance Award

When you have 600,000 points left and 500,000 points right for your overall PV of 1,100,000PV, you get a house award bonus of $50000. ( #20,000,000 ). Yes! #20M

A starter pack contains 4 Big bottles + 1 extra medium bottle for sample.

Each bottle comes out at the rate of #11k you will sell at #15k (you make #4k per bottle).

Note: There is no restriction to how much you should sell, it is your business. Some people sell a bottle for #20k.

There is liberty in business.

To get started: Contact me with the following details

  1. First & Last Name
  2. Phone Number
  3. Email
  4. Bank Account Number
  5. Bank Name
  6. User Name

Fund the Company Account

Jigsimur Zdex Intl Ltd

Exchange rate used s N400/$


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